Talk to the hand: Do President Duterte and the self-confessed assassin Edgar Matobato sport the same hand tattoo?


By Raïssa Robles - A reader of the blog called our attention today to a tiny mark on the left hand of the self-confessed hired gun, Edgar Matobato. It looks identical to the tattoo that President Rodrigo Duterte has on his right hand.

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How Ferdinand Marcos plotted and imposed Martial Law

Read or download this excerpt from Chapter 1 of Marcos Martial: Never Again book - By Raïssa Robles - With the sudden heightened interest on Martial Law, let me share with you excerpts from Chapter One of our Marcos Martial Law: Never Again book. This book is actually a study of a "benevolent" dictatorship. Chapter 1 narrates how Marcos made extensive preparations to impose military rule and how he actually carried it out. The chapter is based, among others, on Marcos' own diaries, on face-to-face interviews with military officers who took part in the imposition, on recently declassified papers from the United States including the Nixon papers and dispatches to and from the US Embassy in Manila.

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Why did President Duterte say Richard King was killed because he was “involved in the drug front”?


By Raïssa Robles I was supposed to have a day off today and was so looking forward to it. Then I happened to turn on ANC and saw this old man take the "witness" seat at the Senate probe on extra-judicial killings that was nearly empty of senators and guests. Just another relative coming forward on yet another extra-judicial killing, I told myself and mentally filed it for later viewing. And then Edgar Matobato started talking in a monotone about the gruesome things he did for 30 years of his life.

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You can run this Indonesian government press release on Mary Jane Veloso through “Google translate”

Soal Mary Jane, Presiden Jokowi: Presiden Filipina Duterte Izinkan Dieksekusi Oleh: Humas ; Diposkan pada: 12 Sep 2016 ; 34021 Views Kategori: Berita Presiden Jokowi menjawab pertanyaan wartawan usai melaksanakan Salat Idul Adha di Masjid Agung At Tsauroh, Serang, Banten (12/9). (Foto: Humas/Jay)

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Telling President Widodo to “follow your own laws, I will not interfere” is not fighting for Mary Jane Veloso’s life

By Raïssa Robles - I wonder what President Rodrigo Duterte told the mother of jailed Filipino drug trafficker Mary Jane Veloso about her daughter's fate. When Duterte came home, he would not tell the media what he and Indonesian President Jokowi Widodo talked about concerning Mary Jane. Duterte said he first wanted to talk to Mary Jane's mother.

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Meet Ferdinand Marcos


An excerpt from CHAPTER 1 of "Marcos Martial Law: Never Again" by Raïssa Robles - President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, 55 years old in 1972, was a thin-lipped, dark-skinned wiry man who exuded a dangerous charm. He could speak in a stentorian voice, was a consummate wheeler-dealer and had eyes that never smiled even when the man was cracking a joke. He had a photographic memory and plotted political moves like a consummate chess player.

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President Duterte turns all sweetness and light toward media (except columnists)

Duterte also explains why he was wearing black suspenders beneath his barong - By Raïssa Robles - Three months after telling professional journalists "don't fuck with me", President Rodrigo Duterte has suddenly become more pleasant and even accommodating.

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President Duterte directed his “son of a whore” expletive at Obama, not at anybody else


Analysis by Raïssa Robles - President Rodrigo Duterte is now trying to blame the press for his troublesome mouth, which gained him worldwide notoriety a few days ago. After calling President Barack Obama the “son of a whore”, which his aides claimed he had apologized for, (an apology which didn’t alter Obama’s decision to cancel a personal meeting with the Philippine president) Duterte seems to have decided it’s all the journalists’ fault. He accuses media of “misquoting” him and "spinning" what he said during that fateful press conference in Davao International Airport prior to his departure for Laos.

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Why a section in Duterte’s “State of National Emergency” Proclamation is very worrying

Analysis by Raïssa Robles Having immersed myself all of last year and the better half of this year on the late Dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ “Proclamations” and other issuance, I feel I have some working knowledge on the topic of emergency laws....Now there’s a certain Section in Duterte’s Proclamation No. 55 which caught my eye.

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Why a Malacanang official’s Facebook post following the Davao blast is extremely worrying

By Raïssa Robles Hours after the Davao blast, a Malacañang official by the name of Peter Tiu Lavina posted this on Facebook for everyone to see. He accused, without presenting any evidence whatsoever, the “political opposition (of) providing the brains and hecklers” in “collusion” or conspiracy with the Abu Sayyaf in bombing a night market in Davao City which killed 14 and injured 67.

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