Is Duterte ill?

Watch the video below at the end of this piece

By Raïssa Robles

Lately, President Rodrigo Duterte has been making statements about stepping down from office because he is “tired”.

It is hard to make an objective assessment of what “tired” means, because he has kept his official medical doctor away from the media.

On Monday August 13, however, a video of him showed his right hand shaking very visibly but momentarily.

No one really saw it except for a sharp-eyed netizen who goes by the handle @Alex1121. He posted this comment on my site:


Palagay ko po ay malubha na ang sakit ng pangulo, kaya hindi po sya naka pag bigay ng pahayag sa naka lipas na araw.
na obserbahan ko po ito sa GMA news kahapon na nanginginig ang kamay ni Du30 at basag na boses nya.

I looked for the said video. @Alex1121 was right.

Duterte’s hand shook slightly but very visibly.

I am posting the video below, extracted from the official video of Radio TV Malacanang, to show how Duterte looked after MIA (missing in action) for all of the weekend while strong torrential rains nearly flooded Metro Manila and surrounding provinces.

I hope that the presidential palace will disclose his true state of health, since this impacts on the state of the nation. Duterte has only admitted to having Buerger’s disease, Barrett’s Esophagus, GERD and a spinal injury.

It is highly unusual for a Philippine president to keep talking about stepping down from office.

And highly unconstitutional for the same president to invite the military to put together a military junta to replace him, if ever.

Here is the video: