My book launch of Marcos Martial Law: Never Again is this Monday April 4 in UP Diliman

BOOK - hot off the press - THUMB

By Raïssa Robles - It's now all set. The book launch of Marcos Martial Law: Never Again, a brief history of torture and atrocity under the New Society is on April 4 Monday afternoon at Balay Kalinaw, otherwise known as Ikeda Hall.

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Our new book on Marcos atrocities out this March

MARTIAL LAW Never Again book

By Raïssa Robles - My heart is full. But I know the battle has just begun for the hearts and minds of the Filipino people over the kind of future they want. Do they want a dictatorship or a democracy? Do they want to hand over their civil liberties to one man who has promised them a glowing future or do they want to fix the current elite democracy and fight for one that is more just and inclusive. When I was writing this book nearly all of last year, it was a very lonely occupation. But now that it is out of the bag, so to speak, I find myself surprised, amazed and grateful for the wonderful reception from my colleagues in media. I was only able to tell them at such a very short notice that I was soft launching this book on Marcos Martial Law: Never Again. But they came. And those who didn't sent words of support.

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I’ve been invited to two events – the Asia Society forum on “FOI” and the PEN Conference on “writing and the crusade against corruption”

Hi guys, I will be a panelist at tomorrow's wide-ranging discussion on the proposed Freedom of Information (FOI) law at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in a forum organized by the Asia Society. I said yes to the invite because I will be the lone panelist speaking for professional journalists. I will be talking partly from my own experience digging up information in the bowels of the government bureaucracy.

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Exclusive photos on pork and Imelda Marcos

After I wrote my post yesterday about how there would be a media frenzy to get hold of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile's mugshots, my hubby Alan told me he'd already produced the photos. In fact he gave me two sets, which he assures can be used for any and all senators arrested because of the pork barrel scandal.

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Why lawmakers like stem cell therapy

Finally, the truth is out. There are lawmakers who will brave needles and resort to death-defying treatments just to live a little bit longer. Like the newly-resigned Senate President “Manong” Johnny Ponce Enrile who has never been seen with white hair in all his senior citizen years. At the age of 89, he actually looks a quarter of a century […]

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Amended IP Code “disadvantageous” to students, teachers, researchers – says copyright expert-lawyer Ping Peria

Exclusive By Raïssa Robles A few weeks ago, writing about amendments to RA 8293 was farthest from my mind. RA 8293 is a mind-bending law. I was drawn to the story when my hubby Alan told me about a post written by Winthrop Yu on Facebook. Yu, the senior vice-president for advocacies of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society, said: Yu […]

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