A challenge to President Duterte’s supporters


By Raïssa Robles Those who profess to support President Rodrigo Duterte and who are living in the US or enjoying US visas - especially the 10-year ones - should put their money where their mouths are. They should publicly tear up their US visas. And while they are at it, they should tell their children they can't study in the US. Study in China, by Gaaaaad.

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Why did President Duterte say Richard King was killed because he was “involved in the drug front”?


By Raïssa Robles I was supposed to have a day off today and was so looking forward to it. Then I happened to turn on ANC and saw this old man take the "witness" seat at the Senate probe on extra-judicial killings that was nearly empty of senators and guests. Just another relative coming forward on yet another extra-judicial killing, I told myself and mentally filed it for later viewing. And then Edgar Matobato started talking in a monotone about the gruesome things he did for 30 years of his life.

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President Duterte’s own experience should show him extra-judicial killings can’t curb crime

By Raissa Robles - One of President Rodrigo Duterte’s talents lies in his skill of painting very graphic crime scenes for his listeners. It’s a talent that probably persuaded many Filipinos to accept extra-judicial killings as THE solution to crime. What he didn't tell his listeners recently was that the crime scenes he was describing had taken placed at the height of Ferdinand Marcos’ Martial Law.

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President Duterte meets accused top drug lord, as body count of lowly suspected drug pushers & addicts piles up

By Raissa Robles - On the night of July 15, President Rodrigo Duterte met with a certain "Peter Lim", a man Duterte recently identified as the head honcho of drug trafficking in central Philippines. Not only had the President ID’d the alleged drug lord, he had also warned that if Lim (who was then presumably abroad), returned here, “he will die” because he is “beyond redemption”. Despite the bloodcurdling threat, nothing happened to Lim when he met the President. In fact, apart from being thoroughly unscathed, Lim also got a job offer.

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Is President Duterte violating the law by ordering a stop to ‘tanim bala’ arrests?


Just my opinion by Raïssa Robles - Tanim-balaPresident Rodrigo Duterte believes he has found the solution to “tanim bala”, one of the most embarrassing and politically damaging issues faced by the previous administration. Simply put, match the bullet with the bearer.

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Bomb threat in Ateneo derails launch of my book on Marcos Martial Law: Never Again

BOOK - hot off the press - THUMB

Because of the bomb threat in Ateneo de Manila University this morning - which locked down the entire campus for the whole day - the university is implementing new security rules which make it difficult, if not impossible to hold the launch of my book there this Thursday, March 31.

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Our new book on Marcos atrocities out this March

MARTIAL LAW Never Again book

By Raïssa Robles - My heart is full. But I know the battle has just begun for the hearts and minds of the Filipino people over the kind of future they want. Do they want a dictatorship or a democracy? Do they want to hand over their civil liberties to one man who has promised them a glowing future or do they want to fix the current elite democracy and fight for one that is more just and inclusive. When I was writing this book nearly all of last year, it was a very lonely occupation. But now that it is out of the bag, so to speak, I find myself surprised, amazed and grateful for the wonderful reception from my colleagues in media. I was only able to tell them at such a very short notice that I was soft launching this book on Marcos Martial Law: Never Again. But they came. And those who didn't sent words of support.

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CPP’s Joma Sison calls “greedy” China’s sea claims “foolish” and “false”

He also offers government a truce by year-end - By Raïssa Robles - When I interviewed Jose Maria Sison in Utrecht recently, I decided to ask him about his thoughts on present day China and its ownership claim of the South China Sea.

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