Pia Guanio and Steeve Mago in Rome


  By Raïssa Robles “Awesome” was the word Pia often used to describe the blitz trip she and Steeve took recently. It was Pia’s first trip ever to Europe – something that my husband Alan had been prodding her to do for YEARS AND YEARS. But Pia’s right. The best way to see Europe, especially Italy, is with someone you […]

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Taal Volcano: a metaphor of life in the Philippines

Taal, to me, is a metaphor of life in the Philippines: beautiful but deadly - PHOTO by Raissa Robles

By Raissa Robles Taal Volcano is rumbling and smoking again. So what’s new. Only a month ago, I had gazed down at its placid but deadly beauty. I marvelled at this tiniest active volcano on earth. Among our more than 200 volcanoes, Taal gets second spot, next to Mayon, for the number of known eruptions. In her book Volcanoes of […]

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