A challenge to President Duterte’s supporters


By Raïssa Robles Those who profess to support President Rodrigo Duterte and who are living in the US or enjoying US visas - especially the 10-year ones - should put their money where their mouths are. They should publicly tear up their US visas. And while they are at it, they should tell their children they can't study in the US. Study in China, by Gaaaaad.

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My acceptance speech for the ‘Excellence in Journalism’ award from the International Christian Organisation of the Media in Geneva

By Raïssa Robles Good evening. I would like to thank the International Christian Organisation of the Media for this highly unexpected award. I would also like to thank Jose Aranas, Editor of the Focolare New City Magazine, who nominated me. It is one that I will cherish, knowing that this award was only made possible with the help of so many people. I have a very lengthy 'thank you' list in my book Marcos Martial Law: Never Again.

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Marcos Martial Law: Never Again book is back in National Book Store

Our book Marcos Martial Law: Never Again is back in National Book Store. NBS Trinoma now has copies of the Third Printing of our book. To make the process even faster, I would like to ask all those who had placed orders with particular National Book Store branches to please call these stores and tell them to pick up copies of the books from the NBS warehouse.

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How Ferdinand Marcos plotted and imposed Martial Law

Read or download this excerpt from Chapter 1 of Marcos Martial: Never Again book - By Raïssa Robles - With the sudden heightened interest on Martial Law, let me share with you excerpts from Chapter One of our Marcos Martial Law: Never Again book. This book is actually a study of a "benevolent" dictatorship. Chapter 1 narrates how Marcos made extensive preparations to impose military rule and how he actually carried it out. The chapter is based, among others, on Marcos' own diaries, on face-to-face interviews with military officers who took part in the imposition, on recently declassified papers from the United States including the Nixon papers and dispatches to and from the US Embassy in Manila.

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Meet Ferdinand Marcos


An excerpt from CHAPTER 1 of "Marcos Martial Law: Never Again" by Raïssa Robles - President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, 55 years old in 1972, was a thin-lipped, dark-skinned wiry man who exuded a dangerous charm. He could speak in a stentorian voice, was a consummate wheeler-dealer and had eyes that never smiled even when the man was cracking a joke. He had a photographic memory and plotted political moves like a consummate chess player.

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What accused torturer, Colonel Eduardo Matillano, told me about torture during Martial Law

An Exclusive - By Raïssa Robles - Colonel Eduardo Matillano, then a young military, was one of the few officers who was made to face a military court for conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman. In the end, he and his fellow accused were acquitted from charges of torturing Trinidad Herrera. Below is Col. Matillano's side of the story, which I wrote in the book Marcos Martial Law: Never Again:

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Philippine Supreme Court, to this day, continues to deny its shameful past during the Marcos dictatorship

Supreme Court - Martial Law past

By Raïssa Robles - As the Supreme Court prepares to rule on whether or not to allow a hero's burial for Marcos, we have to keep in mind that the third branch of government has still not faced what it did to help legitimize the Marcos dictatorship. In the past, I had pointed out how the High Court glossed over its shameful history during Martial Law. After I pointed it out, the court removed the history. But it quietly posted the following on its website. The history is still a cop-out (see those portions I boldfaced in red.)

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A running blog as Supreme Court holds oral arguments on burying dictator Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani

Supreme Court

By Raïssa Robles - I'm now listening to the oral arguments on whether or not the late Ferdinand Marcos should be given a hero's burial. I will be posting on this thread.

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The proof that burying Marcos in Heroes’ Cemetery would violate the Constitution’s intent


Exclusive By Raïssa Robles - The 1987 Constitution was intended by its framers to be THE poison pill against all future dictatorships. Burying Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani would neutralize the potency of that antidote to prevent another dark period from emerging. The closing remarks of Justice Palma, who served as the President of Concom, clearly explains the charter’s dictator-proof features in detail and shows why burying Marcos a hero desecrates the 1987 Constitution.

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Yuppie call center agent says police came calling cause his name was on the drug watch list although he’s not a drug addict

By Raïssa Robles - Yesterday, Peter Tiu Lavina - the mainstay of Rodrigo Duterte's social media team - posted this on Facebook: "To win the war against drugs, we need to be resolute like #PresidentDuterte. There should be no neutrals in this righteous crusade against evil. Let those fence-sitting nitpicking Humpty Dumpties realize that they are derailing our total victory against this menace. They are clearly on the side of if not protecting the drug lords." I found this post highly disturbing because it comes from an official of Malacanang Palace.

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