My acceptance speech for the ‘Excellence in Journalism’ award from the International Christian Organisation of the Media in Geneva

By Raïssa Robles Good evening. I would like to thank the International Christian Organisation of the Media for this highly unexpected award. I would also like to thank Jose Aranas, Editor of the Focolare New City Magazine, who nominated me. It is one that I will cherish, knowing that this award was only made possible with the help of so many people. I have a very lengthy 'thank you' list in my book Marcos Martial Law: Never Again.

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Marcos Martial Law: Never Again book is back in National Book Store

Our book Marcos Martial Law: Never Again is back in National Book Store. NBS Trinoma now has copies of the Third Printing of our book. To make the process even faster, I would like to ask all those who had placed orders with particular National Book Store branches to please call these stores and tell them to pick up copies of the books from the NBS warehouse.

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Meet Ferdinand Marcos


An excerpt from CHAPTER 1 of "Marcos Martial Law: Never Again" by Raïssa Robles - President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, 55 years old in 1972, was a thin-lipped, dark-skinned wiry man who exuded a dangerous charm. He could speak in a stentorian voice, was a consummate wheeler-dealer and had eyes that never smiled even when the man was cracking a joke. He had a photographic memory and plotted political moves like a consummate chess player.

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Burying Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani could also mean burying Imelda there


Just my opinion - By Raïssa Robles - I meant, when she's dead. I'm serious. It's now in the rules and regulations of Libingan ng mga Bayani, that widows of former Philippine presidents can also be interred beside their spouses.

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Let me share with you guys excerpts from Marcos Martial Law: Never Again

Here are initial links to downloadable pdfs from the Collectors Edition of our book. You can read them online or download them from the links.

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9 National Book Store outlets in Metro Manila now carry our book Marcos Martial Law: Never Again

Soon, 7 NBS in Luzon, 2 in Cebu, 1 in Bacolod, 1 in Davao will have it - Hi guys, National Book Store gave me the following updates. First, the following NBS outlets in Metro Manila now have the Student Edition of our book. (Unless these are already sold out.) :

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Historic two-day conference on Martial Law in UP, Diliman starts tomorrow


By Raïssa Robles - Despite the mysterious fire that gutted the rooms of social science professors at the University of the Philippines, a historic conference entitled Never Again, Never Forget: Martial Law, the Academe, and the Public will go on starting tomorrow at the fourth floor of Palma Hall (the old Arts and Sciences building). The conference is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. But slots are limited for the snacks and lunch, so try to sign up at once. In any case, those who are too late can still attend the conference where noted professors on the subject will discuss various aspects of Martial Law. Those interested have to sign up online because

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My book, Marcos Martial Law: Never Again now in La Solidaridad book store, Manila

MARTIAL LAW Never Again book

You can also avail of free delivery anywhere in the Philippines reached by courier service - By Raïssa Robles - The iconic La Solidaridad book shop along Padre Faura, Manila, owned by National Artist F. Sionil Jose and his wife, is now carrying my book.

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Bomb threat in Ateneo derails launch of my book on Marcos Martial Law: Never Again

BOOK - hot off the press - THUMB

Because of the bomb threat in Ateneo de Manila University this morning - which locked down the entire campus for the whole day - the university is implementing new security rules which make it difficult, if not impossible to hold the launch of my book there this Thursday, March 31.

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