Pssst, Duterte supporters, US and EU consular officials can read your FB, Twitter posts dissing their countries


And how can Foreign Secretary Yasay preach "breaking away" from the US when his 3 children all enjoy life there? - Exclusive by Raïssa Robles - If you think that what you post on social media networks don't have consequences, think again. I know for a fact that consular officials of other countries do troll Facebook and Twitter to find out in certain instances whether those who want to visit their countries could pose a security threat or an immigration problem.

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How Letty J. Magsanoc so pissed off Marcos, she got fired

Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc had the balls to look at the dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the face and tell him off, after he inaugurated himself as president for the nth time. I am reprinting below the piece that got her fired from Panorama magazine, that inspired other writers to carry on the fight. She is gone now, but her fighting spirit lives on. This piece, along with the explanation is from The Philippine Press UNDER SIEGE, published by the National Press Club and Committee to Protect Writers in 1984, when it had become even more dangerous to fight the regime.

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How the Marketing Man, Billy Esposo, helped make a President and unmake another

Billy Esposo

By Raïssa Robles Billy Esposo went home from the hospital to die, his sister Carol had earlier told me. I could not write it because Billy might read it and lose his hope for living. I prayed that by some miracle he would again pull through. Even Billy knew his time was running out. It was a life well spent. […]

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Please include Billy Esposo in your prayers

Good Friday has come earlier for Philippine Star columnist Billy Esposo, writes his sister Carol. I am praying for him. BILLY’S GOOD FRIDAY writes Carolyn Espiritu on her Facebook wall Today, they did a kidney biopsy, then they worked up his weakened enlarged heart to test its limits, injected a dye and put him under an MRI machine. They also […]

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Enrile retracts the ‘Act of Contrition’ he made when he thought he was facing death in 1986


Here’s proof Exclusive by Raïssa Robles In February 1986 when Juan Ponce Enrile thought he might die, he made a public ‘Act of Contrition’ where he revealed that the 1972 ambush of himself that had been used as a pretext for declaring Martial Law had been faked. As a result, people’s distrust of Enrile melted and they came by the […]

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The trouble with Mar


Exclusive By Raïssa Robles Mar Roxas was far from his usual debonair and dapper self when he was presented at the presidential palace as the new Interior and Local Governments Secretary yesterday. In fact he looked unkempt and tired, in need of sleep and a hair comb. I was intrigued to see him this way. You see, I started tracking […]

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“Mukhang nauto yata tayo” – Cecilia Basa


Exclusive By Raïssa Robles It was a moment that warmed the heart of a nation and left it teary-eyed: the sight of Cristina Corona hugging her long-estranged Basa cousins on national TV last Friday, while Cristina’s husband Renato sat on the dock being tried on a charge that could lead to his disgrace and dismissal. UPDATE: TV drama scriptwriter Baby […]

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