Is President Duterte violating the law by ordering a stop to ‘tanim bala’ arrests?


Just my opinion by Raïssa Robles - Tanim-balaPresident Rodrigo Duterte believes he has found the solution to “tanim bala”, one of the most embarrassing and politically damaging issues faced by the previous administration. Simply put, match the bullet with the bearer.

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Mary Jane Veloso case shows urgent need for better ASEAN coordination against drug traffickers


Just my opinion by Raïssa Robles - In the early morning hours when Mary Jane Veloso was supposed to be executed, I couldn’t sleep. I was kept awake thinking how she could have been saved by simple transnational police work on the day she was arrested. If only there was some kind of a mechanism, procedure or protocol among ASEAN countries that could have verified what Veloso had told airport security the day she was arrested.

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Justice official turns “cyber-bullying” into a criminal offense without Congress’ approval


Exclusive By Raïssa Robles Cyber-bullying was never mentioned in the Cybercrime Prevention Law or Republic Act No. 10175 that the Supreme Court has upheld as constitutional. And yet the draft Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) that Justice Assistant Secretary Geronimo Sy released to the media not only adds a new section on cyber-bullying...

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Robbing poor farmers is the real crime Senators Enrile, Revilla & Estrada are being accused of

Pork gang by Vincent Trinidad

Just my opinion as an ex-Senate reporter by Raïssa Robles - Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, former Senate President pro tempore Jinggoy Estrada and Senator Bong Revilla are all multi-millionaires. Today they stand accused of the lowest of crimes any politician or government official can commit - pocketing funds supposed to go to the poorest of the poor. By Raïssa Robles

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A License To Snoop: Why the Cybercrime Law is not the answer to child cyber porn

To combat cyber porn using children, the government is vigorously pushing for the Supreme Court to unfreeze the Cybercrime Law (Republic Act 10175) and allow it to take effect....I cannot stress enough the dangers of the Cybercrime Law. Its atrocious lack of safeguards can easily enable rogue cops and government officials to commit crimes of extortion and blackmail using the digital highway.

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Is DOJ’s Geronimo Sy blaming lawmakers for botched Cybercrime Law?

Exclusive By Raïssa Robles Justice Assistant Secretary Geronimo Sy announced at today’s 3rd Regional Cybercrime Conference that he has drafted a new Cybercrime Law that has no more provision on online libel. What Guillermo Sy didn’t mention during the conference was that he apparently blames lawmakers as the cause for the scuttling of the Cybercrime Law. You see, Geronimo Sy […]

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Dear Mr. President, I don’t feel safe in my own country


Just my opinion By Raïssa Robles I know, I know. Police statistics show an overall drop in crime. You said that in your State of the Nation address. But that does not give me, nor many Filipinos, much comfort. I just don’t feel safe in my own country. I don’t wear any jewelry that my mother gave me because it […]

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