Solve Migz Zubiri cheating case and you could get Gloria Arroyo out of Congress

Zubiri and Arroyo

  By Raïssa Robles Personally, after covering so many stories on election cheating, I cannot believe that non-Senator Migz Zubiri does not know that someone very high up – most probably the one sitting in the highest office then – cheated for him to win. I’m sure he knows who he had to thank for his luck and who he […]

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Not so fast, non-Senator Migz Zubiri, you may have blood on your hands

penguin laughter AddEmoticons1272

  By Raïssa Robles Does Migz Zubiri deserve political sainthood or a lifetime in jail as a hood for the crime of electoral sabotage? Let me give you the facts and you be the judge. Last Wednesday August 3, 2011, Zubiri stunned the nation by resigning from the Senate and declaring “hindi ako kapit tuko” (I don’t cling to my […]

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