How Letty J. Magsanoc so pissed off Marcos, she got fired

Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc had the balls to look at the dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the face and tell him off, after he inaugurated himself as president for the nth time. I am reprinting below the piece that got her fired from Panorama magazine, that inspired other writers to carry on the fight. She is gone now, but her fighting spirit lives on. This piece, along with the explanation is from The Philippine Press UNDER SIEGE, published by the National Press Club and Committee to Protect Writers in 1984, when it had become even more dangerous to fight the regime.

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Ninoy Aquino’s death van


“I have decided to challenge death. I do not believe I’m sinning against my creator because in the end, I am not really my own executioner. By my example, I hope I can inspire two others. Like the dominoes, one has to fall to create the chain reaction.” – Ninoy   Twenty-nine years ago, one stubborn man did the unexpected. […]

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Wikileaks, US envoy to Thailand Kristie Kenney and her “ambassadorspeak”

Krisitie Kenney the real me

By Raïssa Robles It’s not really clear what US Ambassador Kristie Kenney is denying or if she at all denied having written those unflattering things about the late President Corazon Aquino. Let me explain. First of all, I must confess I’m very fascinated by what Wikileaks has recently released regarding cables allegedly sent from the Manila waterfront to Washington. It’s […]

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