Senator Vicente Sotto reinvents himself as the anti-RH champion

Sotto 2

  Let’s not forget what happened when he was the anti-illegal drugs champ    By Raïssa Robles I’m watching with fascination as Senator Vicente Sotto III reinvents himself – this time as THE opponent of women’s reproductive health rights. Still, let’s not forget how he used another hot button issue to propel himself to political prominence, so much so that […]

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“Alabang Boys” acquitted – Are you surprised?


  By Raïssa Robles Don’t be. According to a study on the Philippine drug situation by the US State Department: Out of 13,667 drug cases filed from 2003 to 2007, only 4,790 led to convictions (mostly cases of simple possession). The rest were either acquitted or dismissed. Much more than today’s acquittal is at stake here. The acquittal is a […]

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