Can Justice Secretary Leila de Lima obtain an Ombudsman’s clearance to be candidate for Ombudsman?

By Raïssa Robles Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has just been nominated by a subordinate to become the new Ombudsman. But before she can even be considered for the post, she will need to get a “clearance” certificate from the Office of the Ombudsman that she has no pending cases. Problem is, some individuals recently filed two separate graft complaints […]

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Stupendous requirements for new Ombudsman in such a short time could turn away candidates

My Exclusive By Raïssa Robles To look for the new Ombudsman, why has the Judicial and Bar Council set a 10-day “non-extendible” deadline and imposed a stupendous amount of paperwork for all the applicants? Why is it doing this when the Constitution specifies such a vacancy can be filled in 90 days’ time? And why can’t the JBC use a […]

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Can ABS-CBN, GMA-7 and ABC-5 please grill “all” wannabe Ombudsman?

Looking for the new Ombudsman -

By Raissa Robles Broadcasters  Ted Failon, Ces Drilon,  Mike Enriquez, Jessica Soho and Luchi Cruz-Valdez should subject all those interested in becoming Ombudsman to a grilling of their lives, in the same way that major news networks grilled the presidential candidates last year. Filipinos need not leave it to the Judicial Bar Council to shortlist the new Ombudsman. Here’s why. […]

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