Fun facts about the Marcoses and Star Wars

USE THIS - 2016 Elections UPDATES June 8-15

Now that Senator Bongbong Marcos is trying to milk the Star Wars movie "from the sands of Paoay to the moons (????) of Batac," my hubby Alan came up with some interesting facts about Star Wars and the Marcoses.

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I asked President Aquino today – who masterminded your father’s murder?

Before asking this set of questions on the 1983 assassination of Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., I asked his president-son about a new Securities and Exchange Commission decision to ban journalists and researchers from using the "reverse search" function of the SEC database. Here is my question, which Aquino said he would still look into.

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Political dynasties and the Maguindanao massacre

Just my opinion By Raïssa Robles Assassinations seem to be an accepted part of our political culture. Every election season brings a body count, sometimes high, sometimes low. But always, ALWAYS, someone dies during election season. Three years ago, 58 people in Ampatuan, Maguindanao including 33  journalists, died. Today, the massacre case is hardly moving. The fact that the nation’s […]

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Ampatuan lawyer wants live massacre trial coverage; but his client does not


Exclusive By Raïssa Robles The Ampatuan family lawyer Sigfrid Fortun told me just now that he still favors live media coverage of the Maguindanao massacre trial, but his client does not. I asked Atty. Fortun to clarify what he had told me three and a half months ago, after I read today’s report that the Supreme Court decided to bar […]

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Ninoy Aquino’s death van


“I have decided to challenge death. I do not believe I’m sinning against my creator because in the end, I am not really my own executioner. By my example, I hope I can inspire two others. Like the dominoes, one has to fall to create the chain reaction.” – Ninoy   Twenty-nine years ago, one stubborn man did the unexpected. […]

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Part 1: The Maguindanao massacre was a deadly quarrel inside Arroyo’s camp


  By Raïssa Robles As my contribution to this day of remembering, I’d like to share with you all what I wrote two days after the Ampatuan massacre. I thought I had lost this piece forever when my original site went down due to hacking. Fortunately I found it again today. The post-massacre photos in this piece were taken and […]

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Al Jazeera’s Rica Pedrosa makes a searing, personal documentary on Martial Law

  She waylays Imelda Marcos the way no Filipino has yet  Our very good friend Veronica Pedrosa made this highly personal documentary which I would recommend for viewing. Not only because my journalist-hubby Alan comes out at the start before film director Joel Lamangan. But because Rica puts Martial Law and the Marcoses in the context that they  ought to […]

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Tortured – a victim’s story

  By Raïssa Robles The torture happened over 30 years ago but to this day, the victim still insisted on talking to me on condition that I won’t reveal his name. Na-torture ka pala (you were tortured), I told the person whom I have known for the last 17 years. And yet he never mentioned he had been tortured even […]

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Moro rebel chief negotiator confirms to me Wikileaks cable that assassination was in their dinner talk with US diplomat

Wikilaks - PNOY and Pinol

  My exclusive By Raïssa Robles   Over dinner last year, Muslim rebel negotiators told an American diplomat and two US aid officials that their group had been urged to conduct political assassinations, according to a Wikileaks US embassy from Manila cable. Due to the sensitive nature of the cable, which Wikileaks made public only this month, I decided to […]

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