Misuari’s spiritual adviser, Ustadz Sharif Zain Jali, is dead

By Raïssa Robles - I am deeply saddened by the news that Ustadz Sharif Zain Jali, the spiritual adviser of Moro National Liberation chief Nur Misuari, died Sunday at the age of 74. I had known him for decades. As a journalist, I try to keep an emotional and social distance from my sources. But somehow, through the years Jali became not just a source to me. From him I learned the gentleness of Muslims and their humanity. He was always open to all my questions about Islam and what was happening in Mindanao.

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Watch video of Cebu Archbishop Cardinal Vidal calling on President Aquino to step down

Fact-checking Vidal's retraction by Raïssa Robles The breaking news social networking site Twitter is now abuzz with reports that Cebu Archbishop Cardinal Ricardo Vidal has retracted his earlier statement calling for President Benigno Aquino's resignation.

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Defying Church leaders


Just my opinion By Raïssa Robles This is not the best way to spend Christmas – at odds with the Church clergy and told by a Cardinal that supporting a Reproductive Health Law is “unfortunate and tragic.” I can imagine what priests all over the country will be saying at their pulpits this Sunday. They will castigate the proponents  of […]

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Sen. Vicente Sotto’s speech against RH


PART I – “I stand up for life” Turno en Contra against SB 2865 [Note: This is the official press release issued by Senator Sotto’s office. It includes the subtitles. You can view the original here.] I stand up for life, Mr. President, my esteemed colleagues. This chamber, the senate, is an institution that traces its lineage to the political […]

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Malacañang Palace and House allies outwit the anti-RH advocates


Exclusive By Raïssa Robles UPDATE – At 6:10 P.M. today, August 6, 2012 The House of Representatives made history by approving floor deliberations on the Reproductive Health Bill. This means the next step is the insertion of amendments. The President will certify the bill as urgent which means its passage for Third Reading will be speeded up in the House. […]

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Fr. Bernas quietly writes on RH Bill on the very day that bishops lambast it

He says, “Don’t burn house to roast a pig” I am reposting below Fr. Bernas’ latest piece which he uploaded Saturday while the Church rally was going on. The thing speaks for itself.  RH Bill: Don’t burn house to roast a pig  By Fr. Joaquin Bernas     Saturday, August 4, 2012 A little over a year ago, or on […]

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RH bill was killed by Pres. Gloria Arroyo in exchange for Church political support

Church - Rosales and PNOY

  Wikileaks’ US Embassy cable from Manila shows By Raïssa Robles A month after then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared a State of National Emergency, following the arrest of Brig. Gen. Danny Lim and other army officers, her political adviser Gabriel Claudio met with American diplomat Joseph Novak. In a cable dated March 22, 2006, US Ambassador to Manila Kristie Kenney […]

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Msgr. Rosales leaned on Cory Aquino to make GMA resign, then left Cory

  In Wikileaks cable, US envoy Kristie Kenney wrote how she met Cory Aquino By Raïssa Robles Oh boy, THAT really sucks big time. Last month when I wrote a piece entitled Why the bishops can’t seem to get to first base with President Benigno Aquino, a reader named Karen Tañada wrote this comment: Ask around further on events, it […]

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PNoy will back RH bill Brace yourself for political trouble

Coup aSIGN Aug 16-11

  By Raïssa Robles President Benigno Aquino III has bit the bullet on the following issues: The passage of a Responsible Parenthood Law  (otherwise known as the RH or Reproductive Health  Law)  that would, among others, make contraceptives freely available by the state; The indictment of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in at least one major criminal case; The indictment of […]

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