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Why you don’t see your comments at once on my site

Last updated: February 1, 2015

After writing about the Marcoses, I was shocked by the viciousness of some of the comments written on my blog.

For instance, this commentator who went by the name “Stuffy” wrote:


The Marcoses are back, will return to full power in 2016 and you can’t do squat save for ranting in this corner of the web. Spread open and suck it down!

Marcos pa rin!!! :)

Stuffingly yours,


Other comments were in the same vein but not as nasty.

I am not at all cowed by them. And since I intend to write much, much more on the Marcoses and other equally, if not more controversial topics, I am hereby adopting a new comments policy.

I am giving notice that I reserve the right to CHANGE or DELETE really nasty or vicious comments that do nothing to help shed light on the subject but merely attack my person or character without logical basis. Initially, i thought I would let such comments stand but I’ve decided I will not let myself be abused online.

If you want to do that you can set up your own blog. But you can’t do it here in mine.

I will also DELETE or CHANGE comments from those who keep changing their pseudonyms just to give the impression that different people are posting the same kinds of comments on my blog. And I will point out when that happens.

There are also trolls out there on the Internet whose only joy is to go into blogs, pick fights and bash without basis. My new comments policy for them is – I will identify you if you are a troll, and label you as such.

For everyone else who have taken the time out to read my blog, I welcome various comments. This is after all a blog in progress and an adventure which I hope to share with you all.


Pls. make your comments relevant
to the piece you are commenting on

Dear fellow citizens of the blogosphere,

I like your comments very much.

But I would appreciate it if you write about the topic on hand and not about anything else.

For instance, in my piece entitled Marcos in brief I received the following comment:

Hmmm…but maybe we should start looking at how the incumbent Philippine President is just wasting his time.

And then it gave a link to an article written by the commenter on her own blog.

I mean, I’m talking here about Marcos and she’s talking about something else. There is a big disconnect here. I did not upload it.

I appreciate comments that cross-fertilize ideas and are well thought out even if they contradict what I say.

In several other instances, I blocked this  comment on my piece on Bongbong Marcos replies to me: The Presidency? “Thanks, but no thanks.

If you are a true Filipino and you care about your country and countrymen, watch this video.

And it gave a link. I’m sorry. Ever since my site was hacked, I am very leery of opening links, especially to videos because this is one method for spreading malicious code.

And since the comment doesn’t make much sense – I mean, if I don’t watch the video I’m not a true Filipino and I don’t care about my country and countrymen? C’mon.

I’m sorry I’m not buying it.

Finally, there are other comments that I am reserving for uploading later on because I intend to write a piece tackling it. One was on Hacienda Luisita. Another on deuterium.