The lighter side of ‘Oplans’

Part of any top secret oplan is to name the Oplan. It is not an Oplan if it has no name. Usually, a sexy, macho name. So when the Oplan is finally bared to the public, the operation will have a name worthy of its presumed success. When Special Action Forces chief Getulio Napeñas Jr. started singing out the names of the various Oplans meant to capture two wanted men, my hubby Alan started wondering why the same operation had so many names. And so he asked himself - Just how many oplans are there? - and was inspired to write the following piece:

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Journo’s website HACKED after he posted questions on police commandos’ killings

By Raïssa Robles - Hotmanila, the satirical political website of my hubby Alan has been hacked, ostensibly to deliver this message to President Benigno Aquino III: "We are watching you, Mr. President." The hacking apparently took place after Aquino was severely criticized by netizens for showing up late at the wake of the police commandos yesterday.

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Senators vow to conceal all – political operator

If I want to know the real score – stripped of troublesome thoughts like morality or ethics – I turn to political operators to give me the low-down on political events. They never fail to surprise or give fresh, candid takes on what ordinary people view as downright scandalous. It is for this reason that my hubby Alan turned to one such political operator. Here is his story:

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Exclusive photos on pork and Imelda Marcos

After I wrote my post yesterday about how there would be a media frenzy to get hold of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile's mugshots, my hubby Alan told me he'd already produced the photos. In fact he gave me two sets, which he assures can be used for any and all senators arrested because of the pork barrel scandal.

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Jails are dangerous to senators’ health – expert

Two senators accused of massive theft of the people's money have already warned that they were ready to "die in jail". Newly-detained Senator Bong Revilla earlier said: "Wag lang nila akong bababuyin, Lung poposasan pa tayo at ako'y kakaladkarin, hand na kong mamatay pag ganun." Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile had expressed a similar sentiment: "I'm prepared. Even if I'll die in my cell, it's okay. At my age, I've gone through life already." All this talk of dying prompted my hubby Alan to consult a medical expert.

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By Raissa Robles - For years, my hubby Alan could not update his satirical site because it was so tedious and mind-bending, using Dreamweaver. But now, thanks to Drupal programmer Jeriel Lopez, Alan may soon be able to do regular updates. Thank you, BenCy, for recommending Jeriel to us. Here's the first update - an exclusive interview with two bacteria.

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How the new technology is reshaping the way we bring news to the public


By Raïssa Robles   [My speech today before the Philippine Press Institute and the National Association of Newspapers during the conference on “Watching the Watchdog: Re-examining Ourselves.” ] I am honored to be part of this gathering. I think I know why I was chosen to tackle the topic: “How the new technology is reshaping the way we bring news […]

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“Disgust” as an energy source

One of the perks of being married to a humorist is I get to read the funny pieces first. Alan never ceases to amaze me with his wit. In this piece, he suggests how to use a widespread emotion to power up our homes: Inventor wants to tap disgust as an energy source Hot Manila – by Alan Robles Posted […]

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Catholic Church in the Philippines turns openly political to crush RH Law

For the Catholic Church, the elections this May is only about one issue – the Reproductive Health Law. It is openly endorsing senatorial candidates who they think will repeal this law and conducting a negative campaign against those who had approved the law or now openly back it. To contribute to the raging political discussion on this issue, I would […]

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