Robert Kennedy’s daughter offended by Sotto’s theft of her dad’s speech; wants an apology


Exclusive By Raïssa Robles Kerry Kennedy is urging Philippine Senate majority leader Vicente Sotto to apologize for lifting a famous passage from the speech of her father, the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Ms. Kennedy, 43, 53, [Note: She was born 1958. I added wrong.] wrote in a letter dated November 9, 2012: I urge that he (Sotto) apologize for his […]

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Sen. Vicente Sotto’s speech against RH


PART I – “I stand up for life” Turno en Contra against SB 2865 [Note: This is the official press release issued by Senator Sotto’s office. It includes the subtitles. You can view the original here.] I stand up for life, Mr. President, my esteemed colleagues. This chamber, the senate, is an institution that traces its lineage to the political […]

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